Aim, Vision & Mission


We aim to grow to be a point of reference in terms of "first choice" in the region, followed by nationwide as a preeminent quality hospitality services to endow with. Imperative to our aim consists of quality processes, services, driven by quality people, who, all time keen to operate with a sense of urgency & discipline.


Our Vision is to appear as a preeminent hospitality service provider in western part of India, followed by nationwide.


Our mission statement is simple: To thoroughly understand the needs of patrons and associates, and to constantly exceed their expectations by delivering their earth with the lights & warmth of hospitality services we endow with. Seeing as boisterous domestic & international need for the room – opportunity, smitten by pro-active economy of India is cogging us to undertake & craft contemporary facet of the sector. To reach at this merit, we trust only way - offer excellent quality. Hence, to thrive & triumph our mission, we accent closely to follow our Quality Policy Objectives. At Hotel Fortune Palace, being a first company in the region, taking modest but a significant decipher in the direction to set the pace to uphold ethics and follow all applicable laws, thus anticipating being a benchmark in tourism and hospitality sectors' pattern of growth and development in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

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